Thermal Diagnostics Limited specializes in various applications where temperature analysis of your equipment is critical. The following are the application where we are truly second to none world-wide and that is why we are approached on a regular basis by chemical plants and refineries around the world:

Reformer and Furnace Tube Surveys:

We provide a multi-modal approach to Reformer and Furnace Tube diagnostics. There are a variety of ways to monitor and inspect Reformer and Furnace tubes depending on the type of information that is needed. For instance, if you are a plant engineer, inspector or operator have you ever come across this scenario?:

Your plant’s Reformer Tubes are experiencing some elevated temperature issues and can clearly be seen visually. Operations department has been collecting Infrared Temperature Data as well as the Condition Monitoring or Inspection team. The temperature data is compared and found to have a large temperature difference and inconsistency between departments. Who has the correct temperatures? What should be done? Can the rates be increased to increase production or should they be reduced to save the tubes?

It is scenarios such as these that Thermal Diagnostics Limited specializes at solving and helping our customers. We are the “Go To” specialists when these critical problems arise. We are also the “Go To” specialists when a plant wants to set up an internal monitoring program to assure long and safe tube life with maximum production.
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Refractory and Insulation Surveys:

Thermal Diagnostics Limited has pioneered and perfected Refractory surveys using Thermographic Imaging. Over the past two decades, the research conducted and experience and knowledge gained with this application has enabled us to publish and establish temperature guidelines and inspection protocols for monitoring Refractory degradation, breakdown and failure. Our published guidelines are frequently used and cited in refractory training classes and technical papers world-wide.