Thermal Diagnostics Limited Industrial Division is an Infrared and Non Destructive Examination Inspection company.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

-  Infrared Inspection of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment and Machinery
-  QA/QC Inspection (Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspection)
-  Infrared and Non Destructive Examination Consulting and Independent Analysis
-  Non Destructive Testing and Examinations
-  API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections
-  CWI Welding Inspections
-  Infrared Thermography and Non Destructive Examination In-Plant Training

Although we provide the above services, what we are known for around the world is for our professional and expert knowledge and service for Reformer and Furnace Tube Temperature measurement and analysis.

Over the past two decades, we have pioneered the use of Thermographic Imaging and Infrared Thermometry to effectively and accurately diagnose Reformer Tubes Problems and accurately measure the surface temperature of Reformer and Furnace Tubes.

We have assisted refineries and chemical plants around the world with their Reformer and Furnace Tube problems and monitoring. The following are but a few of the solutions we offer our clients:

-  Portable Thermographic Imaging and Analysis
-  Fixed Thermographic Imaging and Monitoring
-  Portable Spot Infrared Pyrometry
-  Contact Gold Cup Pyrometer
-  Visual Inspection
-  Infrared Pyrometer Calibration
-  Accurate Physical Tube Surface Temperature Measurements
-  And much more…

Contact us today and let our specialist help you with your Reformer and Furnace Tube problems.

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